About The Book People

Book People was founded in 1988 by two book enthusiasts, Ted Smart and Seni Glaister, on the principle of making books available and affordable to everyone. We did this by delivering hand-picked favourites direct to people’s workplaces, at unbelievable prices.

Our History

Book People has made it it’s mission to spread happiness and joy through the best products, high-quality services and unbelievably affordable prices, all under one brand. When we began in 1988 through two book enthusiasts Ted Smart and Seni Glaister, we dedicated our business into making our customers happy through their purchases. By almost a decade later we were able to expand to almost 140 local booksellers who were visiting almost every workplace. We began as a humble business, initially with just one van in the Guildford, Surrey area and this is where we found our first customers. Our online store journey began soon afterwards, where our customers could purchase our books with ease, through the comfort of their own homes and since then, we have been continuously improving and updating in terms of our book collection, service and affordability. Due to our excellent services, we were able to expand rapidly into Merseyside and later on in Wales. This expansion has only helped to fuel our commitment to our business model, our customers and Our Promise. Our Promise is to always provide our customers with the best in value, in service and in customer experience.

What ‘the Book People’ Has For You

We are a home-grown business that believes in spreading the love of books throughout the country. Our specialty lies in the expertise we offer due to our dedicated team of book experts that use their skills to select our hand-picked items to delight you and your loved ones with timeless and universal classics to the latest best-sellers that are trending in the market. We have a broad range of titles to choose from, which means that there is something for everyone and our extensive library with over 100,000 items will never disappoint you, along with our easy to use website interface which also focuses on catering to your every need with impeccable service standards that leave the competition behind. With the launch of our very own Book People catalogue, we were able to cater to our loyal customers further by offering top-notch books at the best prices in the market. Not only that, but the catalogue also offered people convenience and they were able to browse through our best-sellers in a quicker way, place their orders and then have their books delivered to them in a short while. In addition to our books, our service standards and our expertise, Book People has now expanded into offering an extensive variety of gifts, toys and stationery, which is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Overwhelming Discounts!

The best aspect about our service is the discounts and savings that are made possible through our unique business model. We buy our books in bulk from suppliers and publishers and this allows us to pass the savings on to you! So that you can buy the items that you want at the best price, without compromising on the level of quality or the service. We have had the opportunity to offer our customers savings of up to 75% off on thousands of products every time!

The Book People Discount Codes

Through our coupon codes and our vouchers, we give our customers the opportunity to make even more savings, by offering 10% on our best collection of hand-picked favorites. This extends to bargain books to the most recent bestsellers in the markets, classics that you love, cookbooks and much more. You can now make use of the coupon codes to obtain the same books that you adore at 10% of the price! Our affordability is a hallmark of all of our products and we believe in serving our customers in the best way possible!

Value Added Services

Our services set us apart from our competition, which is due to our commitment to our customers and to gaining excellence in service. Whenever you have an issue or a query, or even want to explore and shop our broad category of discounted book titles online, our friendly and dedicated staff are always on hand to offer you help and advise you, whether it’s through post, over a friendly phone conversation or through email. We’re always here to help you through the process.
We pride ourselves on being reliable, efficient and fast with our services to deliver your purchases to you as soon as possible with as much convenience as possible!
Our belief in our customer’s satisfaction extends beyond a transactional relationship and this is why we provide a 30-day money back guarantee if at any point, you are not satisfied with our products or our service, we’ll provide you a full refund without any questions asked.
It is our commitment and our dedication to our business that has made us an award-winning business for our customers and the number one independent book-seller in the United Kingdom. Great value and service is at the core of our business model and we look forward to delighting you with a delightful shopping experience.

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