About Shoe Embassy

Shoe Embassy is a uniquely British shoe maker selling classic, superb superior guys and women's shoes with a unique spin. Shoe Embassy footwear includes a hipster, Londoner vibe, so in case you prefer to create a style statement, then you'd better put in a couple or 2 to your wardrobe today.

Shoe Embassy was set in 2011 and is currently flourishing in the the trendiest of London boroughs - specifically Brick Lane, Camden, Spitalfields and Greenwich. All of Shoe Embassy footwear is produced of the best leather of European source. Each of men and women's shoes are produced in Europe and beautifully crafted to match modern design aesthetics. Shoe Embassy is an extremely original footwear manufacturer unafraid to adopt bold color combinations and hybrid designs using accents of lace and also perforation methods to supply you with a shoe that is as unique as your character. And ultimate style does not have to mean compromising on comfort. Rest assured that even the heeled shoes available at Shoe Embassy are as comfy as a pair of convenient slippers.

If you are on the search for a true deal, you should have a look at the 'Season Sale' and 'Size Sale' webpages that are brimming with discounted products.

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