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18,000 lights and lights, ca. 240 profoundly energetic and capable workers, 8,000 m² of office and distribution center space and more than 10 years involvement in offering llighting items - these figures represent the example of overcoming adversity of Europe's driving on the web master for lights and lights.

In 1999, the organizer and overseeing chief, Thomas Rebmann, started to offer chose astounding lights by means of eBay while preparing to wind up noticeably an electrical designer. Assets were restricted back then. He needed to ad lib and misuse the accessible assets to the full – an approach which still makes Lampenwelt dynamic today.

What at first started as a wellspring of additional wage turned into a tremendous achievement. The organization comprehended the clients' needs and offered a one of a kind scope of items. "As of now, toward the finish of the 1990s, web based exchanging was still in its early stages.

In any case, with ideal administration, an abnormal state of inspiration and a great deal of continuance, we prevailing with regards to prevailing upon the trust of clients and providers", recalls Thomas Rebmann.

Because of the fast development of the organization, Lampenwelt moved to the town of Schlitz in 2009. In 2010 the organization moved from the previous forester's home into a recently assembled authoritative office where the organization is as yet found.

The particular, current working, with a passage territory that is lit-up during the evening, offers a brilliant view over the palace town of Schlitz amid the day. The building was worked to the most recent office gauges with the goal that the representatives can work productively additionally feel good in their environment.

In 2012, the organization was granted the „Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" for being a standout amongst the best medium-sized organizations in Germany.

Lights.co.uk history at a glance

1999 - Sale of the first lights and lamps on the Internet
2002 - Launch of the first company website
2004 - Founding of Rebmann Lichtsysteme GbR and the purchase of the domain www.lampenwelt.de
2007 - Restructuring of the GbR into Lampenwelt GmbH & Co. KG
2009 - Relocation to new business premises in Schlitz
2010 - Relocation to the newly-built administrative office
2011 - Construction of a logistics centre
2012 - The new logistics centre opens
2013 - New corporate software (ERP)
2014 - Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
2014 - Development of an optimised shop interface, the slogan "a bright decision" and the new "click for light" icon
2015 - Restructuring of Lampenwelt GmbH & Co. KG into Lampenwelt GmbH

Lights.co.uk Indoor Lights

The sheer assortment of items in the indoor lighting range is likewise because of another factor: we need our spaces to be as adaptable as would be prudent, filling various distinctive needs. This is valid for most spaces we use, to some degree, however especially valid for our homes. To accomplish most extreme adaptability, it is vital to have an assortment of various light sources in each room, and bring them into utilization as required. For instance, when the lounge area is being utilized for a close supper, we would most likely need to depend on divider lighting and maybe table lights, making a comfortable climate with warm low-level light. Be that as it may, when the kids are getting their work done at a similar feasting table, we will probably require brilliant brightening from a roof light or pendant lighting.

Having various distinctive lighting choices in one room can help with another normal issue: what to do when individuals need to do diverse things in a similar space. As we as a whole know, this is a lasting element of family life: somebody needs to go to rest while their accomplice needs to bear on perusing, for instance. You will locate an awesome choice of table lights, standard lights and spotlights that give confined lighting appropriate to different purposes.

Indoor lighting arrives in a colossal assortment of shapes, sizes, structures and capacities. That is just normal. All things considered, the assorted qualities of our indoor spaces is colossal – as wide as the extent of human action. From workplaces to rooms and from holding up rooms to kitchens, each extraordinary space and each sort of utilization presents us with various lighting challenges. In a stock room, you require splendid overhead LED lights that fit flush with the roof, giving most extreme encompassing light with least potential for thumping and breaking the light lodgings. In a lavatory you require lighting with water-safe capacities, and maybe likewise the capacity to feature appealing elements of the space. In an inventive workspace you most likely need spotlights to give greatest brightening for nitty gritty work. In a lobby you may create an impression with intense or luxuriously outlined pendant lighting. Each room has its own particular prerequisites, and every one of them are all around served by our indoor lighting range.

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