About Dobies

Whether you are a green-fingered veteran or a budding new gardener, Dobies has all you want to transform your backyard into a complete Eden. Having a sensational choice of seeds along with an astonishing range of tools, anything you're searching for, you will find it in Dobies, so catch a Dobies coupon code today and save a pretty penny in your own continuing purchase. With 91 percent of the seeds making healthy seedlings, you are in great (green) palms with Dobies.

Whether you are following a cute new hedgehog home, a few glorious gladiolus or some amazing fresh fruit cage, locate all you want for your garden in Dobies. Which astonishing price and top notch across their whole selection of merchandise, Dobies has established itself as one of the UK's most well-known suppliers of garden materials. For all kinds of gardener, by the green-fingered specialist into the blossoming horticulturist, Dobies has all you want to transform your garden into a stunning green paradise.
In case you fancy growing your own fruits, vegetables and fruits, Dobies has got you covered. From beetroot into blackberries and out of saltwater, Dobies will help to get your larder piled high with home-grown produce. You can not get foods more healthy, more tasty and more natural than those grown in your own backyard, so give it a try now.


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