About Autosessive

Autosessive is powered by four of the UK’s biggest and best motor factors, a multi award winning group of car parts suppliers with over 100 years of combined aftermarket experience and 50 branches nationwide!

Autosessive is who we are and what we are, our team is obsessed with providing you with the best parts and accessories to maintain, repair, service and shine your car. This site is designed, run and managed by people who appreciate the science and glory of cars, bikes or anything else with an engine or exhaust.

Our Philosophy
Our customer focused personalised approach to selling car parts make us different. Our team are passionate about parts and understand that you the customer come first, each time, every time, with no exceptions. These four key factors make us different:

Choice, Range & Availability
Whatever the vehicle, whatever the repair, our huge range assures that the component or part you need is available now. In the unlikely event we don’t have the part in stock within our branch network we have the relationships with the manufacturers to get your part delivered in the shortest time possible.

Quality Brands at Low Prices
We maintain strong relationships with automotive manufacturers to ensure that you receive high quality parts that last a long time after fitting. Only the best parts find a place on our shelves, we refuse to supply substitutes of lesser or of a dubious quality. We aim to supply quality brands at the lowest prices possible. Our low price promise means that if you ever find the same part at a lower price we will refund the difference.

Sound Advice from Technical Experts
To ensure that you get the correct part every time all our Parts Advisors hold a high level of technical knowledge and industry know-how. If you’re struggling to find a car part, unsure of exactly what you need or simply need a bit of sound advice, give us a call on 0333 009 0505.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Customers are our main focus, they are central to everything we do. We are committed to delivering the highest standards possible of customer service. We welcome all feedback whether we’ve missed, met or exceeded your expectations.

So what is an Autosessive?
An Autosessive is a car enthusiast with an unusual preoccupation with their car. They want to spend time with their car, want to drive it, want to tinker with their car, want to bathe the car, want to love it, want to make it look as good as possible, and run as well as it can go. There is not one kind of Autosessive person; they may want to keep the car exactly original, modify and tweak it in some fashion or just simply drive it. In either case they spend as much available time as they can on their car.

An Autosessive's enthusiasm means they want to spend time with others that share this fixation; they want to swap stories, share photographs, and join clubs with people with similar cars. They take pride in showing their car, at car shows, to fellow Autosessive's, to the neighbour and any other opportunity, such as bus queues. We must not forget the wonderful moment that involves slow moving traffic past a reflective shop window.

So a true Autosessive is someone who can't spend enough time with their car. They get genuinely excited by anything to do with cars. They take pleasure from cleaning and detailing their car - something that some others may never truly understand.

The car is so much more to an Autosessive. It's their passion. It makes them smile; providing excitement, great times and long lasting memories. Nothing quite beats those quality moments spent together in the garage.

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